CHM Fire Barrier Kit

FD 30/60/120

Product description

  • 30, 60 or 120 minute fire protection barriers for oil, LPG and bulk fuel storage
  • Barriers come in kit form for ease of erection
  • Fire rated panels consist of coated steel sheet with quality mineral wool insulation infill.
  • Standard panels 1M square, bespoke size panels are available.
  • Conform to Building Regulations


  • An effective and economical way to conform to building regulations.
  • Available for 30, 60 & 120 minute protection.
  • Kit form allows easy handling, transport and erection.
  • Straight, L shaped or U shaped barriers are available.


  • Door upgrading can often be more cost effective than replacing with a new fire door and offers a price sensitive solution to the problem of existing doors in houses in multiple occupations.

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