Intumescent Paints & Coatings


Product description

The coatings cover a wide range of applications from wood surfaces, structural steel through to upgrading lath and plaster ceilings, concrete surfaces and fibre glass materials.


Fire protection for timber, steel, concrete and other building substrates.


  • Allows existing wood to be upgraded to comply with both UK and European Fire Regulations
  • Coatings can be applied over most paints and varnishes, eliminating the need for stripping
  • Especially effective in refurbishment projects, often allowing existing architectural features to remain in place.
  • Straight forward application and Environmentally friendly
  • Class 0 and 1 Classifications and SBI: B/s1/d0 have been achieved on bamboo, hardwood, softwood, veneer, MDF and melamine boards
  • 30-60 min ratings can be achieved on doors, timber, panelling, load bearing floor boards and joists
  • 30-90 min ratings can be achieved on steel structures

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