ROKU System FPB Fire Protection Bricks

EI 90/120
Product description

The ROKU System FPB Fire Protection Bricks are an elastic and flexible, yet firm fire protection brick which are suitable for a cable sealing up to maximum 600 x 600mm. The construction opening could have cables up to 80mm single diameter + conduit up to 20mm as can be part of a bundle or in cable trays


  • Sealing of cables and electrical lines in solid drywall partitions up to 130mm.
  • For openings up to 600mm x 600mm with or without cable tray and up to 80mm single cable.
  • Cable bundles up to 100mm with single cable diameter of 21mm.
  • Electric installations of conduits in PVC, Polyfilin or steel up to 20mm..


  • Dust and fibre free process
  • Easy cutting and shaping of bricks
  • Highly flexible and easy to use.
  • Technical data available

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